Mission and Commitment


Mission Statement

Schock & Poores team is dedicated to providing high-quality, timely and creative solutions for our clients. Our success depends upon all personnel committing to the firm’s desire to place clients’ needs first. We will accomplish this by taking a proactive approach to understanding and exceeding the needs of our clients.

Client Commitment

The professionals at Schock & Poores are committed to excellence, personalized service, responsive feedback and client relations.

It is with this level of commitment that we have responded to our clients and have built our firm with the vision of being able to service businesses from start-up to sale or succession. To accomplish this, we hire the best employees, instill a level of personal responsibility and encourage entrepreneurial thinking. We pride ourselves in finding ways to assist you by customizing our services to meet your needs.

We are Specific. The strategies and solutions we offer are tailored to your individual situation. We carefully listen to your needs to familiarize ourselves with your goals to help plan for the future. The result is a solution that fits, and one that works.

We are Objective. We give you thorough information and sound advice, even if it is not what you want to hear. We shoot straight with you. We take special pride in our independence and objectivity.

We are Familiar. We work to familiarize ourselves with your business, so that we know the various intricacies, the climate in which you operate and the specifics of your industry.

We are Responsive We respond when you call. We keep the lines of communication open year round – not just at year end or when we are dealing with a particular plan or problem. We take a proactive role as your advisor.

We are Reliable We get your work done when we say we’ll get it done. We do what we say we’re going to do. We don’t like loose ends any more than you do.

We Maintain Your Confidence. Your relationship with us is a private one. Our professional code of ethics sets high standards regarding confidentiality. We adhere rigidly to these standards and our code of ethics.

We are Experienced Professionals. You are assured of technical competence, integrity, objectivity and most importantly, a commitment of service from Mueller Prost.

We Provide Value and Service. You have our commitment that we will provide you with high-touch service and that you will be an important client of the firm. We provide value. We are committed to rendering value for our fees and looking out for our clients’ best interests.

When experience matters…call Schock & Poores at 937-276-2149937-276-2149.